Passion for Culture

Built on the southwest coast of Cyprus, known for its long history and its rich culture, Pafos awaits you to discover it. It is a beautiful city full of museums of attractions and cultural venues. In the urban fabric of modern and neoclassical buildings coexist harmoniously alongside the architectural relics of the past. Although it is more known for its great archaeological treasures, it has nevertheless managed to highlight and remarkable modern civilization.

Kato Paphos is undoubtedly “the jewel” of the city. Founded on the ruins of the ancient new Pafos, founded by King Nikolis in the late4th Century. For example, it has been included throughout the UNESCO lists since the decade of 80. In the western part, above the picturesque harbor, extends the huge archaeological park. There you should definitely see the ancient mansions with the famous mosaics that impress to this day the spectator with the vibrancy of their colors. Explore the hill of Fabrika that rises northeast of the park and discover the Hellenistic quarry with the underground caves, the Catacomb of Saint Solomon and the magnificent ancient theatre, one of the largest in the Mediterranean during the Hellenistic Period. Other important monuments that you can visit in Kato Pafos are the Basilica of Chrysopolitissa, where the famous column of Apostle Paul is located, where at the tradition Saint Paul was flogged with 39 slaps during his visit to the city. It is still worth visiting the medieval castle at the port and the Frankish baths, which together with the lighthouse in the archaeological park, constitute the indelible stigma of civilization of the peoples that passed through the city over the centuries.

Northwest of Kato Pafos there is another important archaeological site that is also listed in UNESCO. These are the famous tombs of the Kings. Take the time to admire these impressive examples of funerary architecture that are unique in Cyprus.

Apart from the visited archaeological sites and monuments in the city you will find a large number of museums where you can admire the treasures of Pafos from all periods of history. The Pafos District Archaeological Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy metropolis of Pafos are two of the best you can visit.

If you are fond of modern culture and arts you certainly have many more reasons to love Paphos! The Markideion Municipal Theatre and “ATTIKON” are two wonderful places to see theatrical performances and cinema screenings. Also, there is the municipal gallery housed in the Ibrahim’s Inn, where you can see remarkable samples of contemporary painting by local artists. Still of particular interest is the Open Museum of Pafos with the scattered artistic compositions throughout the city that will surprise you with their originality. Among them are works of renowned artists including Costas Tsoclis.

Finally, do not leave Paphos if you do not visit two of the most important monuments of Cyprus that are a few kilometres from the city: The Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Kouklia that you will find only 16 km. To the east, as well as the monastery of Agios Neophytos with the Egkleistra, where lived one of the historical forms of Megalonsou, 15km. West of the city.

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