Chapel of the Apostle Peter and St. Helen the Martyr


Located on Corfu Street in Agios Theodoros parish. It is a unique church building with modern design, which is a very interesting and innovative proposal for modern church building. Its construction seems to derive elements from the Byzantine tradition, such as arches, niches, arches and others, which, using new methods and materials, acquire a more modern version.

The chapel belongs to the type of double arched church with Narthex, Main Church, Sloping Side and a Holy altar. Externally there are no walls and roofs, but only a very thin walled shell that defines the ecclesiastical space on all sides. Inside, the side aisle communicates through the arched openings to the main part of the church. To the east, there is a semi-circular nave, which is covered with a quaternary, where the church is located. The entrance to the West side is protected by vertical shades that extend throughout the height of the building and also form the bell tower.


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