Church of Agios Georgios Mouttalos


The small chapel dedicated to Saint George is located on the SW outskirts of Mouttalos and was highlighted by the completion of recent renovations of the district.

The church is late Byzantine and dates back to the 16th century without certainty. It has a narthex to the west and its only aisle is covered with a semi-circular arch. Built of stone, it blends in harmoniously with the fallen rocks around it, in which it looks like it is crushed. Its construction has been made of slate stone, while chiselled roofs appear to have been used on the corners of the building, on the pavements, and on the arched gates of its doors. Inside it is minimal. Soft light enters the tiny narrow openings of the building and the entrance. A few modern, icons of Saint George and the Virgin Mary interrupt the white walls, while the few lit candles on the floor bear witness to the presence of the faithful in the small church.


Category: Churches - Monasteries - Catacombs


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