Ivy Maliotos Grove


Located halfway to Mousallas, within easy reach of the Municipal Gardens, it is just a 2-minute walk from Erotas Square via Andrea Ioannou Street. This beautiful wooded alley, with cobbled paths, decorative arches and a small fountain, is a small gem of the city. It is an ideal place where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll in nature and relax on the benches in the cool shade of the trees. It is also a great place for families with children, as there is a playground and generally the space is open for outdoor play. In its southern part, which extends over the Mousallas area, a small plateau has been formed in one of the highest points of the grove. From here one can admire an unobstructed view of the sea. A little further north, just opposite the old building that housed the municipal gallery, hidden beneath the trees, is a beautiful stone-built chapel with a small bell tower, dedicated to the Honourable Prodromos.


Category: Environment


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