Mouttalos Caves


At the southern end of the old Turkish neighbourhood, large natural caves open into the vertical rocks surrounding the district. They are particularly scenic sights of the city, while at the same time linked to tragic pieces of modern Paphos history. Here, according to oral testimony, during the bloody, inter-communal conflicts of ’63 -64, Turkish Cypriots hid their female children in order to shield them from the gunfire. At this point, the municipality, wishing to create a ‘place of reconciliation’, has turned the area in front of the caves into one of the most interesting places in the city, ideal for recreation, walking and social gatherings. This action was implemented thanks to the project Re-shaping of spaces in the Mouttalos district, co-funded by the Municipality of Paphos and the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Along the course of the rock, a beautiful pedestrian street has been created alongside a strip of greenery. The latter includes flower beds with lawns, green walls covering facades of buildings or degraded areas, as well as community crops for residents. The pedestrian street designed with a striking, contemporary design, features info points, benches, shades and wooden platforms for walks and events. The simple yet modern materials used in the construction of the project, combined with the rich natural elements, make up a beautiful and functional space that integrates harmoniously into the environment and the urban fabric of the city.


Category: Environment


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