Municipal Market – Fruit & Vegetable Market


Here was the heart of the city, when every Saturday morning the grocers laid their wares on their benches and shouted loudly to promote them. Local Pafos residents from all neighbourhoods came together to do their necessary shopping of the week, while at the same time providing an opportunity for strolls and social gatherings.

Today, the image of the Old Municipal Market has changed a lot, thanks to the project “Reconstruction and upgrading of the Paphos Municipal Market” recently implemented and upgraded both externally and internally. It remains, however, a busy and bustling spot, where locals and tourists come either to shop or for a stroll, gazing at the numerous small shops in the market. Here you can find a huge variety of products that besides fruit and vegetables include, traditional clothes, handmade works of art, crafts by local artists. Also, jewellery accessories, wine and traditional products, natural beauty products, and handmade candles. Leather shoes, handbags and clothes are also on sale here.

Because a visit to the market can be quite tiring, the remodelled square outside Hovoli café is a charming place to rest. Also, from the benches to the west of the market and the viewing platform, you can enjoy uninterrupted sea views.


Category: Squares - Pedestrian streets


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