Kennedy Square – Makarios III Pedestrian Street


Northwest of the Town Hall and within walking distance, we find another recently remodelled square, named after US President, John Kennedy. Reconstruction works have transformed it, in recent years, into a spectacular open space, where its design combined with modern urban equipment and lighting gives it a contemporary, high-aesthetic image. It is undoubtedly one of the newest and most popular hangouts of the city with a variety of bars and cafes, while large celebrations and events are held here for the general public. In the north, the square communicates with Archbishop Makarios III’s pedestrian street, one of the most beautiful and bustling in the city. This is the main shopping street of Paphos, just minutes from the squares of 28th of October and Kennedy. Its recent refurbishment has made it easier for Paphos residents and tourists to do their shopping, while giving new life to the shops in the area. Cultural events, exhibitions, bazaars and other activities frequently take place here.


Category: Squares - Pedestrian streets