Open Paphos Museum of Art


As part of the “Signs in Time and Space” project implemented by “Paphos 2017”, art works have been placed in various open spaces throughout the city. The purpose of the project was to create links between the past and the present through a potentially open-air museum accessible to all visitors and residents.
The artists involved in the project have created sculptures and compositions, using various materials such as marble, copper, recyclable materials, etc., offering their own contemporary interpretation on issues that concern mainly the history and cultural heritage of Paphos. Of these works, worth mentioning is the “Ten Sightseeing Points” project, which was erected at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock) and is a donation by the Kostas Tsoklis Municipal Museum. Designed by the distinguished artist Kostas Tsoklis in collaboration with: Giorgos Triantafyllou (architect) and Dimitris Skalkotou (sculptor). Also, while strolling down the western coastal front of Kato Paphos, you will see notable works such as: the cubist marble sculpture ‘Aspects of Infinity’ by Haris Paspalis, ‘Modern Aphrodite’, and ‘Young Fisherman’ and also the red ‘Poppy’ by Andreas Paraskevas emerging between the lighthouse and the sea. There are still quite a few noteworthy works in various parts of Paphos that are a delightful discovery for those wandering around the city and its parks.


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