West Coast Pedestrian Street


Starting from Castle Square, the pedestrian street stretches along the west coast of the city, embracing the magnificent mosaic archaeological park that has been on the UNESCO list since the 1980s. Although the erection of a fence to protect the archaeological site does not allow for a natural approach to the antiquities here, those who cross the pedestrian street can make view them from afar and even see the famous monuments of Ancient Nea (New) Paphos in the distance and also, the modern, white lighthouse.

Cut off from the city noise, combined with the beautiful tranquil scenery that surrounds it, the western seaside pedestrian area is an excellent choice for refreshing walks and meditation. At the same time it is an ideal place for jogging and sports in general. It is also one of the best places to see the magnificent sunset of Paphos with the sun dipping into the vast blue sea. For this reason, most people meet here mainly when strolling, filling the specially designed walk-way and wooden platforms that are set up at various points on the pedestrian street.


Category: Squares - Pedestrian streets