Temple of Apostles Paul and Barnabas


North of the old town of Paphos, on Olga Xynaridou Street, there is an imposing church dedicated to two of the most important sacred figures of the island.
The Apostles Paul and Barnabas came to the island in 45 AD. from Antioch in order to preach the word of God and are now considered the founders of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus. According to the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ when they arrived in Paphos, proconsul Sergius Paulus, described in the passages as a wise man, was interested in listening to their word. However, a Jewish magician, a false prophet named Elymas (Barisans), tried to deter him. The Apostles, with God’s help, praised the magician and punished him with blindness. Then the proconsul, impressed by the power and truth of the new religion, was baptised a Christian. This was particularly important, as such a conversion of a senior Roman state official paved the way for the unprecedented spread of Christianity on the island. At the same time, Cyprus became the first country in the world to be ruled by a Christian.
Today’s church of Paul and Barnabas was built in the 1970s, following the Byzantine architectural tradition. It celebrates twice a year, on June 11 and 29.

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